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Herbal Oil Massage Therapy – Abhyanga Oleation

Recommended for soothing the nervous system and stimulating the immune system highly popular treatment

Benefits of Abhyanga
  • Good for circulation
  • Good for muscle tone
  • Opens up the creative mind
  • Relaxes body and mind
  • Flushes toxins
  • Helps prevent circulation in-balances
  • Promotes youthfulness and vitality
  • Rejuvenates the skin

Abhyanga is the most popular of our treatments for men and women. Warm herbal oils are massaged into the body, and penetrate deeply through the skin into body tissue and muscles. This encourages the elimination of impurities which often cause the nervous system to block the creativity of the mind. It enhances circulation and muscle tone and relaxes the body and mind to be re-aligned.

All our one hour treatments also include an additional 15 minutes of Sound Therapy, where Gandharva Music (a style of Indian music inspired by nature and her rhythms with origins as old as Ayurveda itself) is played to provide a transformative sensory experience.