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Sumptuous Hot Oil Massage – Pizzichilli

Recommended for deep relaxation

Benefits of Pizzichil

  • Revitalise every cell in the body
  • Gentle massage to balance the body
  • Rids the body of toxins
  • Eases pain, rheumatics and arthritis
  • Rejuvenates

The Pizzichilli hot oil massage is the ultimate experience for deep relaxation. A continuous stream of healing hot herbal oil is poured over the body, which soaks through the skin and deep into the body's tissues. This softens the skins and mobilizes impurities. It also balances Vata dosha and eases stiff joints, sore muscles and rids the body of fatigue. After, the body is wiped with a hot compress to further stimulate the oil's penetration.

All our one hour treatments also include an additional 15 minutes of Sound Therapy, where Gandharva Music (a style of Indian music inspired by nature and her rhythms with origins as old as Ayurveda itself) is played to provide a transformative sensory experience.