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Welcome to Herbal Healers

Ayurveda is a science which gives peace to the mind and relief to the body. It is the only science existing on the Earth which not only cures the ailments but also prevents the diseases.
        Natural Herbal Healers centre is situated in Medical Enclave, Amritsar near Trillium Mall to render all the health services by a team of qualified and experienced doctors.
                  The most important and unique thing about this centre is that the people sitting far away from us who can't visit us immediately can be cured by the way of information provided to us by some special tests.

Facilities Available

  1. Diagnosis of diseases through
    1. Tongue diagnosis.
    2. Pulse diagnosis.
    3. Dosha test (This is must for patients living far away).
  2. According to different body constitution and diseases:
    1. Special Yoga postures
    2. Lifestyle changes
    3. Diet and home remedies are recommended.
  3. Meditation and Aromatherapy – For people suffering from sleep and tension disorders.
  4. The herbal products we recommend are especially manufactured by our own team.
  5. Special Massages and Ayurvedic procedures are available for detoxification of body and rejuvenation of mind.
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